Stranger things season 1 – Episodes Recaps

Stranger things season 1

Stranger things season 1 is getting more and more popularity in these days. This web series is counted as one of the top series around the world and this is launched by Netflix. Two seasons have come already and a lot of people are enjoying by watching. If you also want to enjoy in a proper manner then you are only required to watch this series. The third season is also about to come and grab the attention of each and everyone.

When we talk about the creator of this series than two names come forward which are Ross duffer and Matt duffer. 1 July 2015 is the premiere date of this superb series and each episode is approximate 50 minutes. This is created under so many aspects which are suspense, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We can also say that it involves a proper package of entertainment. This is really the best ever way by which we can pass the spare time. In fact, we can turn the boring into enjoyable just by watching this series.


There is a young boy name Will basically belongs to the small town and disappeared in 1983. Some people start the searching procedure of this boy, such as his mother and friend. It leads the high secret experiment. The story is full of suspense so there is no chance that the viewer will feel bored. The viewer will just stick in front of the series and don’t move until it ends because of the suspense.

Moreover, there is also a touch of horror which is a different aspect but we can see a lot of aspects in only one season. We can watch the whole season over Netflix and you may have to pay some fee as a subscription for this.